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~Eileen Batson is a publicist and has been the owner of Batson Group Marketing and PR for 20+  years.  Eileen works with individuals, business owners,  authors and artists to help them to be well known, well thought of  and well remembered in order for them to meet their personal and  business recognition goals. She consults, holds workshops and speaks on public relations, social networking, marketing and blogging.  She is currently on the Board of Directors for Women’s Power Networking and Co-Organizer for their N. Raleigh and Crabtree Chapters and has an active role in their Annual Women Helping Women Business Expo in Raleigh.  Website:  www.BGMPR.com

~Nancy Bolts is the founder and owner of Bolts Creative Communications, a full service advertising and marketing agency  located in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  During her more than 30 years in advertising Nancy succeeded to a level of what some consider the pinnacle of the advertising world working at New York heavy-hitter agencies Ogilvy & Mather and DDB Needham Tracy-Locke where she directed campaigns for Pepsi, Shell Oil, Kimberly Clark Huggies and fem care brands, American Express, Centrum and Hardees. All of these brands competed on a national stage but required the ability to concurrently extend and integrate these campaigns on a local level.  Website:  www.nancybolts.com 

~Melissa Claybrook holds an ALA accredited Masters in Library Science and an undergraduate degree in English with a writing Melissa Claybrookemphasis. She started out teaching high school English and Speech Communications. Melissa then sold real estate for ten years while having her own retail boutique before moving to North Carolina where she has been a resident of Cary since 2006. Since living in North Carolina, Melissa has developed a bridging the gap program in Information Literacy to teach college bound high school juniors and seniors how to perform college level research and effectively integrate their research into their writing. She teaches this program at UNC Chapel Hill during the summer. Having been an entrepreneur most of her life, she understands the skills needed to be successful in business. Her focus for the adult workshops is teaching practical skills for the adult learner. The current course offerings are: Everyday Research for the Adult Information Seeker, Business Writing, and Microsoft Office. Other courses are in development and will be added to the schedule as they become available.  Website: www.claybrookacademy-adultworkshops.com

~Rebecca Cooley empowers individuals and business leaders to take it to the next level by using a results-focused approach to Rebecca Cooleycoaching combining her background in leadership, strategic planning, mindfulness and values-driven living. She is the Founder/CEO of Evolve Mindful Living Coaching and Catalyst Action Coaching, LLC. Rebecca is a Certified Professional Coach with an MPA in Managerial Leadership and Strategic Planning and has received the Toastmaster’s International Competent Communicator designation. She has completed training programs in Leadership Development, Public Speaking, Teaching, and Mindfulness.  Rebecca has successfully coached individuals from small businesses and Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries. She specializes in offering a fresh perspective, challenging outdated thinking, and providing accountability for permanent and positive change.  Websites: www.EvolveMindfulLiving.com and www.CatalystActionCoaching.com

Karen Cross~Karin Cross, founder and owner of Crosswalk, is the HR Professional turned Life Coach.  Through seminars, workshops and group and individual coaching, she helps others recognize and engage their passions and strengths as they transition into the workforce, into retirement, or into a new career or calling.  Karin shares her insights and guidance from the position that life is about the journey and that we are all here to help each other.  Her approach to job search, career exploration, and pursuit of purpose focuses on the entire experience, not just the end result. Karin believes that our world can become a place of peace and prosperity for all if we simply get involved and contribute the best of who we are to those who need what we have to offer.  Website:  crosswalknc.com

~Crissy Fishbane is a certified Relationship and Wellness Coach with a master’s degree in Crissy Fishbaneteaching.   She empowers clients to reach their full potential by clarifying their goals, discovering strengths, creating action plans and conquering obstacles.  The founder of Life True To You, Crissy runs a monthly Personal Development Group and conducts workshops and seminars emboldening individuals to build awareness and shift mindsets. She takes a holistic approach to wellness, supporting clients as they explore the emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, social, and financial aspects of their lives.  Crissy specializes in helping individuals build strong and positive relationships with loved ones.  A former high school psychology teacher, she has extensive experience working one-on-one with teenagers and parents as they overcome difficult personal and educational obstacles.  She continues this work through her Teen Program which is dedicated to guiding young adults as they determine goals and action plans for the future while learning the skills necessary for strong relationships and healthy habits throughout their lives.  Website:  lifetruetoyou.com

LeslieTFlowers~Leslie Flowers is a personal growth facilitator, international speaker, teacher and coach who is widely recognized as ‘leader of leaders’.  LifeSuccess Management former CEO and star of “Beyond the Secret” Paul Martinelli has tapped Leslie as “one to watch.”  In just a few months, Leslie applied new skills she acquired as a stude of Bob Proctor to remove barriers to her success, to eliminate more then $100,000 in federal and state liens on her credit report and purchase her dream house on a lake.  Now she’s teaching others to make a difference in their lives. She works extensively with those seeking to be leaders in their families, business and communities and is the first to offer LifeSuccess family mastermind study program to bring success strategies to young people.    Website:  www.pathsofchange.com

~PK Fontana develops and promotes real communications for real people in the GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAworkplace. Do you know the true costs of miscommunication –or worse, no communication – in your workplace? Are you an entrepreneur struggling with business writing skills? Pat brings years of experience to her workshops on these topics and more. She also offers freelance writing services, for newsletters, web content, instructional manuals, case studies, and reports. Focused on helping businesses and individuals improve their workplace communications, Pat does not advocate completely unplugging. Electronic devices are wonderful tools; however, successful workplace communications depend on knowing when it is appropriate to communicate via electronic device and how to do it correctly . . . and when it is more appropriate to put the device aside and conduct real communications with the real people in the room. Visit the website to learn more about customized training, scheduled workshops, and freelance writing services. Website: www.pkfontana.com.

Maria Glen~Maria Glenn is co-founder and president of Trinitáz Coaching Systems, formed in 2009 to motivate corporations and facilitate workshops that encourage participants to create the lives they want while sidelining fear and getting out of their own way.  Maria brings a wealth of experience from corporate America, as she “voluntarily retired” (a.k.a.: she quit!) from Merck & Company after an illustrious 25-year career that included sales, training and marketing to create her own dream job.  Maria has a special interest in women’s health issues and the delicate balance involved with having a career,  relationships and family.  A self-proclaimed yoga and weightlifting junkie, Maria stays active with her husband, David, and their two great kids.

~High Noon Toastmasters has been improving people’s public speaking and communication skills for 20+ years. Our group has an emphasis on interactivity and training. We hold regular training meetings on various aspects of Toastmasters in addition to our regular meetings. Read all about us at: www.highnoontoastmasters.com  and see us in action at www.youtube.com/user/HighNoonVids

~Michael Hronas transitioned from 28 years in the manufacturing world to become, the Owner and Founding Instructor, Shifu, of the QiGong Institute of Healing and Wellness a company dedicated to the good health and well-being of its members.  Since its inception, the Institute has developed a st rong methodology and practice of teaching Chinese Medicine, QiGong and Taiji.  Michael is studying in the Ancient Art of Medical QiGong in Palm Desert, California and was recently ordained into the 22nd generation of the Dragon Gate Sect of Daoism.  Michael received his bachelors from University of Pittsburgh Engineering Department in Chemical Engineering in 1982 and continued for one additional year at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary before marrying and having three wonderful children.   Michael’s goals are to teach, coach and ensure that everyone in the area has an opportunity to experience the life-transforming arts of QiGong, Taiji and Medical QiGong for better health and an Empowered Life!  Website: www.qihw.com

~Drew Jonathan, World Traveler, Adventurer, Author & Self-Help Enthusiast. Drew Drew NewellJonathan is sincerely psyched about inspiring people to experience the life of their dreams and to feel their best in body, mind and emotions. Drew has a BA in Sociology from UNC-Charlotte and lives in Raleigh.  You can find more information about Drew at his Website: www.drewjonathan.com

DeLisa Lee, DJL Training, Inc

~DeLisa Lee is the owner and Program Director for DJL Training, Inc. She has been a Corporate Trainer for over 20 years, specializing in Microsoft Office products. Her favorite applications are Microsoft Excel and Access. She also has an extensive background in web-based applications and mobile devices. DeLisa attended Temple University School of Business in Philadelphia, PA and moved to North Carolina in 2000 to be near family. She has been teaching computer applications, primarily Microsoft Office, for nearly 20 years. DJL Training combines classroom training and online learning for an optimal mix of hands-on experience and computer technologies. Website: www.djltraining.com

~Linda Lyons, an accomplished entrepreneur, has owned several businesses including an acting workshop. She is a consummate singer and actress with credits that include television, film, commercial and theatre. She earned a certification as an Addiction Specialist and  recently authored “12 Steps for Recovery & Recovery Companion Workbook.” In 2005, she obtained a degree in psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude. For 30 years, she also assisted attorneys in various fields of law and combining her expertise, business savvy and passion for justice, she now helps clients navigate their way through the stressful events of separation and divorce, By validating and educating her clients, she supports them in their journey toward singlehood.  Website:  www.12stepsforRecovery.com

~Marnie Miserendino is a Co-founder of Earthwise Energy Solutions and the acting Director of Business Development.  Earthwise Energy Solutions is a home performance company providing energy usage analysis and reducing the amount of energy homeowners and small business owners use.  She engages in industry education bringing more value to their customers; plays an avid role in raising consumer awareness and forms alliances with like-minded businesses.  Marnie’s progressive thinking stems from her desire to set an earth-friendly example for her children, while helping to sustain the planet.  Website: www.earthwise-energysolutions.com

~James Murphy is a personal development expert and the founder of Evolution For James Murphy, Executive CoachSuccess, an executive and life coaching firm.  Hailed as one of the top personal coaches, James works with independent business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to help them address the personal issues stopping them from achieving their professional and personal goals.  He consults, writes articles and speaks on topics such as motivation, procrastination, self confidence, self doubt, productivity, goals setting and effective communication. James’ decade of working for Anthony Robbins as a Results Coach® and his background as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis makes for a very direct, dynamic, and results-oriented approach to coaching. Website: www.evolutionforsuccess.com

~Debra May, Stress Reduction Specialist,  certified instructor from Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD  teaches his renowned wellness programs in: Meditation, Yoga, Ayurvedic Nutrition, “Healing the Heart” ™,  and “Perfect Health” ™.  Debra is dedicated to helping others enrich their personal wellness in all areas of their lives. She received a degree in communications and has traveled throughout the world during the past 20 years.  Debra facilitates classes on Napoleon Hill’s book: Think and Grow Rich.  Her focus has been in the areas of: stress reduction, recovery and personal empowerment.   Website:  creatingwellnessnow.com

Tracy Nolan Beerman~Tracy Nolin Beerman, is a Wellness Mentor for Moms and owner of One Foot Up.  She coaches moms with children who “need more” in mothering themselves, discovering their truth and creating balance in their lives.  Engaging the power of private sessions, groups, workshops and online resources, she supports moms in designing and maintaining authentic lives in which they feel restored, empowered and fully equipped to handle what comes next.  Tracy is an RYT200 yoga instructor with over 25 years of personal experience on the mat, a certified Dream Builder Coach, former teacher and a life-long learner.  One Foot Up was born out of her experiences with her own child who made a “grand entrance” into life in 2007 as well as her passion for early childhood education, personal growth and her profound desire to share what she has learned along the way. Her dream is that one day all mothers will model self-love, empowerment and authenticity for their children making our world a better place.

~Pepper Peterson Oldziey, has been a graphic designer for 40+ years in the New York world of corporate identity for multinational corporations, university publications designer, magazine art director, textbook designer with a focus on children’s educational materials, and professor of design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her most recent business efforts are focused on web design and search engine optimization for small and micro-business. She was awarded a “Webby Official Honoree, Philanthropic Category, in 2006” for the design, strategy, and usability of a website for a philanthropic organization serving children’s educational social and economic development projects worldwide. She designs and produces all forms of print media, books, posters, publications, and annual reports. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Women’s Power Networking and is a Network Partner on “Inside919”. Born in Manhattan, NYC, she attended Parsons School of Design, and has a BFA in Graphic Design and a Master’s in Educational Media.  Her freelance design business has been called “Peppergraphics” since 1969. Her current website is an online portfolio. Website: www.Peppergraphics.com

~Lauren Paparone is a certified project manager, professional business coach, speaker and founder of Personal Empowerment, Inc.  She transitioned from a successful corporate career as a Project Executive at IBM to micro-business ownership.  She uses her expertise to help others make this transition.  Lauren works with clients empowering them to find the time to grow their business, prioritize what is important, balance their lives, reduce stress, and manage their life so they ultimately will be more successful in both their career and life!  Lauren Paparone’s truest passion is helping other people, and empowering them to reach their goals, and to bask in the oasis of success that exists and belongs to each of us here on earth.   Website:  personalempowermentinc.com

~Julie Seibert is a Professional Home & Office Organizer and the owner of Healing through Organization (healingorganization.com).  She is the 2011 National Association of Professional Organizers Los Angeles Green Award Winner for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Service and the 2011 Triangle Business Journal’s Honorable Award Winner for Green Entrepreneurial Effort/Innovative Idea of the Year.  Because she believes that de-cluttering and getting organized is a holistic endeavor, she encourages clients to examine what is happening in all areas of their lives and how it influences their situation.  Because she so passionately believes in this, she created the weekly online/radio show Reawaken Your Brilliance (reawakenyourbrilliance.com) which features body, mind & spirit experts to help people reach their full potential.  She also created the THRIVE! Series panel discussions to showcase body, mind & spirit experts in the Triangle. Website www.reawakenyourbrilliance.com/

Sharon Shelton~Sharon Shelton is Vice President of Marketing for a global software company and has over 20 years marketing and business development experience. Sharon has been certified through and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Life Coach since 2007 and as owner of Listen to Your Life Coaching, she conducts one-on-one coaching and facilitates groups/workshops designed to support individuals in living congruent, empowered, fully engaged lives.  Sharon has also completed study at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary (OSIS), a two-year training program in NYC that explores world religions and spiritual diversity and nurtures a direct experience of the unity that underlies them. She received her bachelors degree from Hofstra University, her MBA from The Keller Graduate School of Management, and has completed both introductory and advanced courses in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine.  Sharon is passionate about empowering individuals to deepen their capacity to “be the change they seek in the world”.  Website:   www.listentoyourlife.com

Team Cure~Team CURE is a non-profit organization created by Kevin Snyder that competes in a 10-week fundraising campaign benefiting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society(LLS). Both Team CURE’s headquarters office and weekly Monday meetings (5-7pm) are held at the Center for Excellence. Team CURE has a core leadership team and welcomes anyone to join their cause for raising funds to help fight blood cancer.  Currently scheduled events to raise funds and awareness include a Date Auction, Shave-A-Thon, Anti-Ball, wine tastings, 5K run/walk, golf tournament, restaurant socials, and much more!  To learn more and read more about their team/team leaders, visit  www.TeamCURENC.com

Cynthia White is the Owner of Cynthia White and Associates

~Cynthia White is the Owner of Cynthia White and Associates (“CWA”), a full service image consulting company committed to empowering emerging and experienced leaders from all walks of life to manage their presence so that they can maximize their potential.  The mission of CWA is to provide the necessary image services to help individuals tap into the best within them and connect it with a powerful purpose in order to project an extraordinary presence (mind, body and spirit).    As a Leadership Presence Expert, Cynthia combines 25 years of leadership experience as a mentor and life coach along with her certification and training as an image and etiquette coach to provide comprehensive solutions and strategies to improve an individual’s visual image from the inside out.  Her passion is to inspire individuals to create the best version of themselves in order to manage their presence to maximize their potential.  Everyone deserves to unleash the Leader within!  Website:  www.cynthiawhiteandassociates.com

Stefanie Zizzo Career and Life Coach~Stefanie Zizzo is a professional career/life coach and workshop facilitator who assists individuals and groups from all over the country in gaining clarity, confidence and direction in their career and lives.  She is the author of The Journey From Comfort to Possibility: A Workbook of Self Discovery and Personal Transformation, serving as a springboard to those ready to stretch out of their comfort zones and experience more of life.  Stefanie offers personalized career/life coaching and engaging seminars and workshops.  She holds her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through the International Coach Federation, has a Masters in Counseling and Bachelors in Psychology.  Website:  www.stefaniezizzo.com

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