The Center For Excellence™ Policies and Partnership Guidelines

We the members of the Center for Excellence, agree to abide by the following guidelines and policies so that the Center is an ongoing expression of our mutual trust and support for our businesses and our community.

We, the members of the Center for Excellence, are committed to a philosophy called Acts of Integrity. In this way we agree to create an environment to work and play in a manner that honors each other, promotes well being in the community, and plays to our strengths while helping others succeed.

Since space is shared and our time is valuable a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling of an event that is displayed on the calendar; otherwise the time will be debited from the monthly allotment, or billed if the monthly allotment is exceeded.

All memberships are based on an annual commitment and there will be no refund of member dues should the member decide to withdraw during the membership year.

A member may only sublet/substitute their time allotment to another Center member, and that event must be cleared with the Center.

All brochures, flyers, business cards, and promotional materials will be maintained in acrylic holders in the Resource Center. The Center must pre-approve all literature that is physically displayed in the center.  Members, leading events may set their own policy on literature distribution during their event.

As Members, you will leave the Center premises clean and in the same condition as supplied (four tables and 12 chairs – the Center standard set-up). If there is a lapse from the previous user, please advise the center immediately. The Center reserves the right to asses a cleaning fee for any spilled beverages, food left out and food, trash or debris not deposited in the trash cans.

Water is the drink of choice and will be supplied by the Center. Any beverage brought into center must be covered.

Any food in the Center must be pre-authorized by Center staff and supplied by the presenting member.

Please use recycle receptacles and recycle materials whenever possible; otherwise, please place all trash in the appropriate trash receptacles.

Please turn off all lights and other appliances, and check that the door is locked upon leaving the premises.

Only use the markers and erasers supplied by the Center on the white boards.

The Center will provide an LCD projector on a mobile cart, use of which is included in membership dues.

The Center reserves the right to modify and amend these policies and guidelines.


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